Motorola Phone Repair in Albuquerque, NM

Let our experienced technicians fix your phone today! iRepairNM has 14+ years of device repair experience, and 2 convenient locations for you.

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Motorola Phone Repair Albuquerque in iRepairNM

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At iRepairNM, your trusted destination for Motorola phone repairs in Albuquerque!

Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing fast and trustworthy repair services for all Motorola phone models. We use only high-quality parts and tools, and our work comes with a solid warranty.

Trust us to revive your Motorola device with a quick turnaround and a hassle-free experience. 

  • Highly Reviewed Repair Shops

  • Genuine Parts

  • Repair Come with Warranties

Our company works with the best organizations locally.

Our Repair Services

Our Motorola Phone Repair Services.

Motorola Phone Screen Repair

Trust us for seamless Motorola phone screen repairs. From minor cracks to complete replacements, our technicians ensure crystal-clear displays and precise touch functionality.

Motorola Phone Battery Replacement

Revitalize your Motorola phone with our battery replacement services. Say goodbye to short battery life, and enjoy extended usage without the hassle of frequent charging.

Motorola Phone Water Damage Repair

Accidents happen, but water damage shouldn't be the end. Bring in your water-damaged Motorola phone, and let our experts assess and repair the issues, restoring your device to full functionality.

Motorola Phone Charging Port Repair

Is your Motorola phone struggling to charge? Our skilled technicians specialize in charging port repairs, ensuring a stable and efficient charging experience for your device.

Motorola Phone Front & Back Camera Repair

Capture moments with clarity. Our camera repair services cover both front and back cameras, restoring the quality of your Motorola phone's photos and videos.

Motorola Phone Speaker Repair / Replacement

No more muffled sounds. Our speaker repair and replacement services guarantee crisp and clear audio on your Motorola phone, enhancing your overall multimedia experience.

Motorola Phone Power Button Repair

If your power button is unresponsive, let us handle it. Our technicians excel in power button repairs, ensuring your Motorola phone turns on and off effortlessly.

Motorola Phone Back Glass Repair

Restore the sleek look of your Motorola phone with our back glass repair services. From minor scratches to significant damage, we bring back the elegance of your device.


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About Us.

At iRepairNM, we see our customers as family and are truly thankful for everyone that supports our local business.

Our team is experienced in fixing all kinds of issues, from phones damaged by pets to devices dropped in water or run over by cars. We’re here to help with any repair needs!

Frequently Ask Questions

How Long Does It Take to Repair My Motorola Phone?

Repair times vary based on the specific issue, but we strive for quick turnarounds. Most repairs are completed within 2 hours.

Do You Use Genuine Motorola Parts for Replacements?

Absolutely. We prioritize genuine parts to ensure the quality and longevity of repairs.

Is There a Warranty on Your Repair Services?

Yes, we provide a warranty on all our repair services. Check with our team for specific details.

Store Information

Store Hours

9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday
10 am – 6 pm Saturday

Store Hours

9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday
11 am – 4 pm Saturday

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