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At iRepairNM, the go-to destination for Albuquerque Computer Repair services.

Experience stress-free computer repairs with our quick and reliable services. Our skilled technicians skillfully address all computer issues using high-quality parts and tools.

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Computer Repair

Our Computer Repair Services.

Computer Screen Repair

If your PC screen has a crack or any issue, our highly skilled repair technicians in Albuquerque can quickly and efficiently mend any screen problem. Whether it's a busted screen or a pixel broken, bring your device to us and trust that it's in the best possible hands.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow or showing signs of a virus? Our expert technicians specialize in virus and malware removal, ensuring your device is safe and secure. We'll diagnose and remove any malware or viruses, restoring your computer's performance and easing your mind.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Are you looking to boost your computer's storage capacity? Our technicians can assist with various computer upgrades, including hard drive upgrades. Whether you prefer a higher storage capacity or faster speed, schedule an appointment with us, and we'll get your computer working at its best.

Data Recovery

Don't risk losing vital data! Our Albuquerque-based computer repair services include data backup and recovery. Whether you've accidentally deleted files or experienced a hard drive failure, we're ready to help you restore and back up your valuable data.

Memory Upgrade

If your computer is running low on memory, consider a memory upgrade. Our skilled technicians can assess your device and recommend the best memory upgrade options. Get your laptop or PC back on track with our high-quality memory upgrade services.

OS Installation & Upgrade

Ready to upgrade to the latest operating system? Our technicians have the skills to assist with OS installation and upgrades. Whether you need help determining compatibility or want a seamless upgrade process, bring your PC to us for fast and reliable service.

PC Custom Build

Are you looking for a custom-built PC tailored to your specific needs? Our technicians can help you design and build the perfect computer for you. From choosing the right components to carefully assembling your PC, we pride ourselves on offering professional and friendly service at the lowest price possible.

Motherboard Repair / Replacement

Are you experiencing issues with your computer's motherboard? Our repair technicians have the expertise to diagnose, repair, or replace faulty motherboards. Whether it's a connectivity problem or a more complex issue, bring your device to us, and we'll quickly assess and fix it.

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Monday-Friday: 9AM - 6:00PM
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Sunday: 10AM-4pm


3715 Las Estancias Ct Suite 108, Albuquerque, NM 87121

Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 9AM - 6:00PM
Saturday: 10AM - 6PM


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IRepairNM has been serving New Mexico for over 14 years. We treat our clients like family, we’re here for them anytime they need us. Come in today and let us help you with your device. Estamos aqui para usted!

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Frequently Ask Questions

What Types of Computer Screen Issues Can You Repair?

We specialize in repairing various computer screen issues, including but not limited to flickering displays, cracked screens, and unresponsive monitors.

Do You Provide Data Backup Services for Both Personal and Business Computers?

Absolutely. Our data backup services cater to both personal and business desktops, ensuring critical files are securely backed up and easily recoverable.

Can You Install or Upgrade the Operating System on Any Computer Model?

Yes, our experienced technicians can seamlessly perform OS installations and upgrades on a wide range of computer models.

What Customization Options Are Available in Your PC Custom Build Service?

Our PC custom build service offers a range of options, including hardware specifications, aesthetics, and performance enhancements tailored to your preferences.

How Do I Know If My Computer Motherboard Needs Repair or Replacement?

Signs such as boot failures, constant crashes, or peripheral issues may indicate motherboard problems. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and recommend the most suitable solution.

Why Does My Computer Not Start?

Your computer may not start up due to various factors. Here’s an overview of potential issues and troubleshooting steps:

  1. Power Problems: Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into both the computer and the power outlet. Test the outlet with another device to verify functionality. Consider trying a different power cord or adapter if there are signs of a faulty connection.

  2. Hardware Issues: Disconnect external devices such as printers or drives and attempt to restart the computer. Check internal components for any visible damage, loose connections, or signs of overheating.

  3. Software Challenges: Try booting into safe mode to identify and troubleshoot recent software changes or conflicts. Consider performing a system restore to revert to a previous stable state if necessary.

  4. BIOS/UEFI Settings: Review BIOS/UEFI settings to ensure the correct boot order is configured. Reset settings to default if required to rule out configuration issues.

  5. Hardware Failures: If the problem persists, it could indicate a hardware failure such as issues with the motherboard, CPU, RAM, or hard drive. Seek professional assistance from iRepairNM, a trusted computer repair company with two locations in Albuquerque, for thorough diagnosis and repair.

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Store Hours

9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday
10 am – 6 pm Saturday
10 am – 4 pm Sunday

Store Hours

9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday
11 am – 4 pm Saturday


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